Selected work

Probably best known as ‘Tom’ in the BBC Children’s Classic ‘Moondial’, Tony has appeared in numerous TV serials including ‘The Bill’ and ‘Eastenders’ as well as doing radio shows and appearing in films ‘The Krays’ and ‘Let Him Have It’.

As a writer, Tony has written the scripts for the romantic drama ‘The Bench’ and paranormal horror ‘Echoes of The Passed’ which he has co-produced with the films director Scott Lyus. He also plays the role of ‘Frank’.

The Bench and Echoes of The Passed are currently on the festival circuit.

Tony also hosts chat show ‘Hanging With’ for UK Horror Scene, a show which provides a platform for talent within the horror industry to discuss their projects and the challenges they face.

You can visit the channel here:

Hanging With…